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Doom A Bit Different

doomOnce more, a new DoomUpdate but this time not as long as the last one :) At these days I'm deeply involved in mapping but not for Eternal Doom (looks like everyone of the team takes some vacation *g*), not for Netherworld, not for PE:Renaissance, not for TNT but (now you get it *g*) for: "Stronghold - The Last Bastions at the Abyss to Hell" (still my working title!). Yes,yes, I know it, once again, I'm startin a new project without finishing my old ones *g*

Nevertheless, here is some info what's it all about: You are again a marine, but this time you don't have to ambush old destroyed UAC bases or destroy hellish mansions and caves, this time, you have to defend your own UAC location agains waves and hordes of monsters, demons and other new hellspawn! (you can compare it with the "Assault" mode of Unreal Tournament, but instead of human players you defend your base against monsters). assault_preview1.jpg Every map, about 10-15 of time, has 10-20 different waves. Each wave gets harder, new and stronger enemies were spawned and you have to pretend them from entering in the heart of your base. :) Just take a look at the screenshot on the left so you have an idea of what quality the maps itself will consist (almost 5 of them are now finished :)). If you want to have more information and more screenshots and more updates, check the following page forum threads at Doomworld or ZDoom!

Oh, and by the way, for each of my TNT maps, there is one new review in my maps&mods section :) (thx to AgentSpork) and also "City of the Damned" did get a very good review from Bob Larkin (DoomWadStation), thx for that :)
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