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The Refinery - It's done!

doomrefinery4After a development time of almost two years, it is finally done. The Refinery has reopened, relive the classic experience, the fast-paced action with a essence of Doom 3's creepy experience - the best of both sides. So what is it?

A reinterpretation or remake of Doom's original E2M3, heavily inspired by KDiZD. The whole map has been enlarged, restructured, new areas have been added, old ones enhanced and the whole thing has been turned into something more real and creepy. Expect something totally different in a place that you already know to a very good extend.

Download the pk3 right now, get your doom.wad warmed up (not Doom 2 compatible) and start off your GZDoom for a experience that pushes the GZDoom engine to its limits!
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