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Realm667 v5 has just arrived!

designOne big news seems to chase the other these days: First at all TNT:LE was released, then some unknown and rather noobish wad called "RTC-3075" or something like that (*laughs* shame on me for this sentence ;)) and finally - after laying under construction for about 2 weeks - the "Realm667 v5" is finally finished. Damn, what a big amazing surprise, isn't it? :) Well, with the new design, a few other things changed also: The forum was removed due the lack of usage, a new guestbook was build it (opens in a popup), the review sections have been removed due my missing interest to write some and two new sections have been included, the "Lyrics" section and the "Article" section (second will likeley never be available in english, but who cares?! :)). Also some sections have been revised to be more userfriendly, for example the WBB Styles one, it has now floating popup preview pics. Also the structure has been changed a bit: The Doom and RPGMaker2k sections have been put together under the Gaming category and each of them have now a own index page. Also the Referecnes and the WBBStyles have been put together under the Webdesign category, just in case you can't find the on or other information, you are looking for. And now have fun at The Realm 667 v5 and if you find some mistakes, let me know :)

PS: Thx goes to Mancu for the help concerning CSS issues and image problems!
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