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miscYeahz0r, time for another update after half an month. I will start with the good news right now: After a developement of one and a half month, the ZDoom Community Map Project Take 1 is finalle finished!!!! You can get it in the Doom area under ZDoom Projects also included are some more infos in the text-file, so you know what's this all about!
The other good news is, that I am working on a Doom Article for 3 days now, it is a compilation of all my good tricks and tipps concerning detailing your maps. With this article, I hope I can help new mappers to get into this detail addiction very fast ;) It is about 83kbs long at the moment but constantly growing, will be finished in the next few days I think.

Ok and now onto the bad news: I have to start my alternate civilian service on wednesday coming week and I really want to cry like a little baby. I don't know how this will turn out, I don't know if I still will have a lot of time for other pleasures like doom mapping and stuff so this news is some kind of a pre-warning for you, if this page gets abandoned for 9 months now (that's how long I will have to work as "Zivi"). Nevertheless, have pleasure with the stuff you get today (and soon), and for the rest, we will have to wait ;)

UPDATE: Okay, finally the article is finished :) You will find it in the Art - Articles section and I really hope this will help. By the way, if someone has enough time and enough English/German skills, could someone translate this into german?
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