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"SFTFT" - Some Funny Things For Today

miscHehe, once more I have some time to update my beautiful webpage :) Today, I don't have a very important topic or some very amazing download for you, but I have something else, which is - at least in my eyes - very funny!dreamyfun.gif
Just for fun, I browsed through some googled page, when I got this crazy idea to just search for my nickname out of curiosity how much I will find. Well, actually I found a lot and there are 2 things I want you to see right now!

The first pic is a screenshot from a page I found through this "Google"ing, just take a look at the text. I really find it some kind of scarying that somebody plays my Doom-Maps and dreams about them :) On the other hand, who would not like to dream about such a brilliant thing like Torment & Torture? *g*russianfun.gif

The second shot is funny because it just has been a text-file in russian with a link to my maps.... evil... I always knew, that communism will take the hand on my shoulder and force me to socialice my work :(
And well, this is all for today :)
More coming soon ;)
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