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TNT4 : Havoc - In Developement

doomYeah, I have a very bad "gastro-intestinal disease" and can't go to work with this. Actually this news isn't  good for me but it is indeed for you because I finally got some more time to work on TNT4 and there is even a very pre-alpha screenshot available for you, just to taste some of the now really last part of the Torment & Torture series.tnt4_doom0009.png

You won't believe it but I am already working on TNT4 secretly since August, the 2nd, every once in a while for about 1-2 hours and a lot has already been done: The resources are almost complete, plot has been written, new monsters have been added, new boss monster (with new sprites, thx to Vader) is under developement, the introduction map (3 Maps at all) is finished and map02 is under heavy developement :) And I really think that this doesn't sound ll that bad ;)

tnt4_doom0012.png I plan to release TNT4 in first quarter of 2005, february to be more exact, but I don't want to promise anything. With each TNT part (except LE, although it also worked with this one) I tried to create successors with much more features, details, more impressive atmosphere and effects and each time it got harder. So if I want to reach this goal once more with TNT4 (regarding the amazing success of TNT3 and the pleasing comments on TNT:LE), I will have to put a lot of effort into this wad, more than ever before :)

Nevertheless, keep your eyes open for some more news soon ;)
Greets, Daniel
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