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miscFinally, new year's begun. A new year for me to provide you with stuff, I will create :) Actually, for this year, I don't have any new page-design in mind and that's already a great advantage for this page. Nevertheless, I planned to add a new section to this page soon called Music. I got my hands on a new soundcard (from Creative Labs, called Soundblaster Live! Platinum with Live DriveII) and now I can connect my Yamaha PSR2000 with my PC via Midi In/Out and other devices. From the beginning of playing and listening to music, I had my own tunes and songs in my mind but I never had the chance to produce something. Maybe this changes now :) And as soon as it does, I will deliver you some of my tunes :)
Also, something I should have done for ages now is filling my "Sketchwork" section. The only problem with this is, that I still haven't had enough time to make the sketches (I already penciled) compatible with my very low-budget scanner *g* so I just have to wait for a new one before I can scan my work and upload it.

On the RPGM2K side, I also have just a few notes of news for you. The game I was recently working on (called "Argonia's Dunkelste Stunde" (Argonia's Darkes Hour) is still paused and I don't find time to continue on it due to the heavy interest of DooM work I have right now. But this doesn't mean, that I will abandon it. I still have lots of ideas for the game and I don't want this to disappear :) It will take ages but I will finish it!

For Doom, there are once again a lot of interesting news for this year. First at all, KDiZD will be finished soon (it is at 85% as far as I can overview that as project leader) and that's a very good news at all :) For 2005 I planned to release several projects but I have no idea, if I really can do what I planned (due the fact that my lectures start in september). TNT4 is planned for the first quarter of 2005, also Netherworld should be finished this summer if everything's working out fine. Today - just for a short moment - I even had the idea to do the TNT Quartology... yes, you heard right :) I already had in mind to do a TNT Reloaded map, with which I had in mind to rerelease TNT updated to today's standards of detail and features. Maybe, I could then - when already doing that - upgrade also TNT2 and 3 and connect them with ther release of TNT4 ;) Or whatever *g* Just a thought.

Well, yes, and so it goes by, the year 2005 :) So, have a good year full of interesting things to be released here ;)
Greetings, Daniel
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