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Tormentor667 - And The Tale of Prince Pride

doomHey, one more news in just the same week of 2005 :) Okay, let's proceed to what I want to say actually ;) Today I was browsing through my favorite Doomsites as I do every day. I started over at Doomworld just looking for the latest /newstuff chronicles but... there was no /newstuff chronicles at the TopStory table, just something called "11th Anniversairy Cacowards" thingie... never heard of it, but curious so I read through the whole article and at the end I was very pleased :)

The first big community effort of ZDoom.org was really a big success and that's why it won one of the nifty Cacowards as one of the best wads in 2004 :) I put up a small review page in the doom section with the snip of this small article and some words from me completing the whole thing ;)
Oh, and beyond that, I read something else, which also made me very proud, but just read it on your own (see thumbnail)11thanniver.gif

Okay, to be honest, I even didn't win anything, but it's a very pleasing feeling to read my name between amazing mappers like Kaiser and Shaviro, great thing for my ego ;) (damn, must be careful, it grows too fast ;)). Just kidding, nevertheless, I plan great releases for 2005 and maybe, I will get the 12th award next year :)

**EDIT** From a direct source from Scuba Steve himself I found out that I was even twice nominated for the best singleplayer wad of 2005; with TNT:LE and COTD :)

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