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Torment & Torture LE2?

doomHehe, exactly 5 days ago, I browsed through the latest /newstuff Chronicles on Doomworld and I found a WAD, which really looked like a TNT chapter on the first view. And when I was reading the reviewer's comment on this piece of work, I thought "Damn, it seems, as this is really yet another TNT part... but not from me...!?" and finally, when I played through that piece of work, I knew that this must be something in connection with TNT because it not only looked like Torment & Torture, it even played like that :) This one-map-WAD is the beautiful work of NinjaOfDoom and is entitled "Hell's Twisted Influence" (Download here ), Episode 1 "The New Nightmare" and it is truly inspired by my very own series of ZDoom wads, great isn't it? (watch screenie!)

Okay, to be honest, for you it isn't that amazing at all but for me it is a great honor if talented mappers like NoD base their work on my very special style of mapping (this Gothic+Quake dark and brown style) and I have to admit, he has done a real great work so get HTI now!
Beyond that, I had yet some more time to work on my TNT4 and I added 2 more new rooms to the second map, the mainpiece. Believe me: There has never been before a map like this one, with an atmosphere that comes close to the apocalyptical destruction of egypt in the bible... the directors of Armageddon and Deep Impact would love that piece of work :)
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