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KDiZD Section Opens

doomHi dear visitors :) Finally, another update after an absence of almost one month. There are a lot of interesting news for you this time, KDiZD is very close to it's release :) We will make it available for download in the next few weeks, to be exact, some time between today and the end of april, that's for sure :) Well, we have still a lot of work to do but the project is finished up to 95%, just some fine-tuning and bugfixing has to be done, that's all!
This is the reason why I finally put up a little official "KDiZD Subsection" in thew Realm667 where you can find screenshots, information and a huge amount of goodes, every day a few more before it is going to be released! Actually, Risen is working on the official page but this will still take a while concerning the fact, that he and his team of Coop-Testers are at work right now! But, well, the longer you wait, the more interesting it gets, doesn't it? :) You can view the section by clicking through the DooM Maps & Mods > ZDoom Community Projects sections, have fun with it :)

Beyond that, I had to do some little minor changes to my guestbook system due to several spam-bot attacks, filling my guestbook with useless shit, porn and warez links. Just check it and you will see what's different by now ;)
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