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Quicki Noties, Yeah :)

doomOk, long absence but not much has happend in the last month. Progress on KDiZD slowed down dramatically (even Mordeth updated in this time omg!!!) but nothing to worry about because we will get it finished doubtlessly. Some things have changed concerning the conception of the project when a heavy wave of negative (useless) criticism rolled towards us, also nothing to worry about because it will make our masterpiece even better.

While not working on KDiZD, I continued the work on "Torment & Torture 4 : Havoc", released also some screenshots into the community and well, obviously they like it:
NMN: "Praise the mapper!!"; Denny: "Awesome! The TNT series rocks! And those Meteor's are sick looking. Can't wait to try this out."; RottingCorpse: "I cant wait. Tormentor667 I have all ways loved your doom maps."; Job: "Beautiful stuff, great atmosphere. That's how Hell should be portrayed in Doom (ZDoom, at least, hahah)."; RottingZombie: "That's my dream level right there man, fucking good job."; FATAL: "This seems to be the best looking doom wad I've ever seen. At least I don't remember seeing anything quite like this."; MasterOfPuppets: "goddamn thats wonderful. you have such grand imagery in your maps! you are one of my mapping role models, i confess :P"; WinstonSmith6079: "That does look excellent! In fact it looked so excellent that I went and d/led all of the previous entries in that series."; TheDarkArchon: "The Screenies R0x0rs my b0x0rs"; Enjay: "Holy flaming fires of hell batman! That's impressive."; CutmanMike: "I now crown torm king of platform maps :D"; GrafZahl: "The first screenshots is one of the most impressive sights I have ever seen in a Doom map. I can't wait to play this thing..."; Xaser: "...Wow. That is, like, insanely... awesome... and.... Damn it, I'm speechless." 
So, I think they speak for themselves. But I don't think TNT4 will be finished before summer, too much work has still to be done (looks for Vader) and I have so many ideas for the last episode of the series which made me known in the community... but it will be worth the time!

And the last news item for today is the announcement of... no, not another KDiZD release date, the announcement of Chapter 2 from my Doom Editing article :) Read more over at Articles for that ;)

So that's all for today ;) /me proceeds with mapping!
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