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miscNo news for 2 months now but though much has happened in the time of my absence. First at all, a huge wave of messages and emails flooded my inbox after I quit the doom community. It was a hard decision for me but weeks ago I thought it was the only solution for me after all the shit that happened to my team and myself. The interesting thing about all this was, that my departure had a big impact on the community and honestly, I really hoped that something like that happens... that finally the eyes of certain persons were opened and necessary changes were done by the staff of ZDoom.org... unfortunately not on Doomworld.com!

That was also the reason why I just returned to ZDoom.org and no other place... ZDoom.org turned into a very nice and kind community after several "problems" were solved and it is fun again to be active there, thx to the community :) I stopped working on almost every project except KDiZD and right now we are very close to finish the piece! I just hope, we really get that done!

Beyond, a new section has been added to the "Webdesign" area, called "GreetingCards" :) Just check that and get some visual pieces for you and your friends! More coming soon ;)
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