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Realm667 Proudly Hosted By DRDTeam.org

homepagesYet another 4 months (or even more?) have passed since my last update on this page so I thought it would be a good time again now to change this because I have great news for you guys: Realm667 is now proudly hosted by DRDTeam.org, awesome, isn't it? It feels awesome to be in such a great neighbourhood with the all amazing persons like Graf Zahl, NMN, Grubber, TheDarkArchon, WildWeasel, BioHazard and all the other famous ZDoomers hosted here... gives me a warm feeling inside ;) So thx alot to Grubber and the whole DRDTeam for hosting me!

Beyond this amazing news, some nice things have changed here on the homepage. In every little corner, you will find a few new things, small portions of new content so feel free to browse through this and see for yourself what's new.

And at last a little "Statustracker": I am still working on The Ultimate TNT (info soon, check ZDoom.org for more), still working on Stronghold, still working on KDiZD (about 95% done) and still working on... well, check the newsbox above for what is almost finished and will soon be released ;)
Stay tuned,
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