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Goodbye? Fuck you!

crowdfundingDamnit, that was quick! The crowdfunding was running for two days and we already met the requirements! First of all, thanks to anyone spreading the words and especially thanks to everyone donating some money. The goal of $ 1.400 was easily reached with your help and now it's time for the programmer and webdeveloper to do his job. I will report back here as soon as there is some progress from his site and keep you informed about anything that is happening in the background. The estimated time until the Realm667 is back online will be about 2-4 weeks according to his shedule, but that's already promising considering the amount of work that has to be done. What happens to the $ 392 beyond the goal? I have already been told that in some places, a paid component or module for Joomla might be a better solution compared to the free variants we have been using in the past. With this extra money, we will be able to improve the system to the max and maybe add additional features. So if there is anything you ever wanted to have at the Realm667, just let me know and I will forward the requests to the web developer. Thanks again to all of you, your help is impressive and it saved the Realm667!

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