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Messagebord has returned!

Messageboard back onlineToday another milestone of the migration process has been achieved - with a mixed feeling about the results. First of all the bad news: Most of the posts and threads (submissions) are gone, actually all of them except the stickies and announcements. Most of the stuff was heavily damaged and the connection between users and posts couldn't be recreated without an enormous amount of work. Though the good news (and this is the real important thing) is, that the users have been completely migrated to the new system Kunena. Even better: The new forum system is perfectly integrated into Joomla 3.3.4, turning the whole project into one piece instead of being forced to use hacky methods like JFusion. We already migrated the categories, subcategories and sticky threads, the template has been build from scratch and most of the images have also be converted to make it look and feel like the old one. Some things are still missing but I am sure we will also find solutions for this problems. Stay tuned!

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