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Chat System online!

Chatsystem ala FacebookYou demanded, we delivered! Well, not exactly what you wanted but in my eyes something that is even more useful than a shoutbox and a pm-system: Actually a full Chatsystem ala facebook, which is capable of a global chat, personal chats and even offline chats and file transfers. I am sure some people might be disappointed, but I guarantee that this new addition will be much more useful and non-complicated than anything before. How to use it? Well, just check the bottom right corner, everything else goes without saying. Other than that, I improved several issues regarding the aestethics of the page like little error messages, buggy icons and things like that, people might not have even noticed until now. I hope you like it so far. Keep the suggestions coming. Oh and concerning the new chat, if you are a pixel-artist, you might be able to help us out with some unfinished emoticon job.

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