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A mapping contest

Doomjà-VuYears ago Newdoom.com held a "Map in a week" contest. People had one week to build a complete map from scratch. To ensure that every contestant actually started when the contest began, Newdoom.com provided a base map with a few rooms which had to be part of the final map. Now, what about doing a whole project with several small maps that are based on the same layout but all of them looking totally different as every single map is finished by a different author? This is exactly what the Realm667 contest Doomjà-vu is all about. It is running from January 15th till March 31st and everyone interested is encouraged to participate. I great load of prizes for the 5 winners are prepared, so your time isn't wasted! Check the official thread in the forum in terms of rules, prizes and for the base layout, warm up your DoomBuilder (or any other map editor of your choice) and get started, we are looking forward to your submissions - and good luck!

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