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Donate with PayPal - Secure and fast!In about 8 months it's time to celebrate the Realm667's 16th birthday. Except Doomworld itself, this makes us the Doom page that is running for the longest time - a page dedicated to the best game of all time. Nine years ago when the site finally merged into a general resource site for ZDoom/GZDoom related stuff, the costs increased drastically: Traffic, webspace, subscriptions for components, technical supprt - even though things aren't as expensive as in the late 90's anymore, there is still a lot that has to be paid for. Summing it up, the monthly fee is about 28,00 Euro / 37 US-Dollars (a total of 5376 Euro / 7104 US-Dollars in 16 years). Sure, I could add GoogleAds or reduce the costs with a cheaper webhost and free components/modules for the page - but as people know me, I was never a person who accepts worse quality.

The Realm667 was never meant to earn the big money but a resource for mappers and modders, dedicatet to a game that's even older than some of the people, working on their own creations for it. Paying the whole thing from my private pocket doesn't really hurt but considering this to be a community effort, any financial support for this service is highly appreciated.To make things short, keep the site alive and as it is by donating a few bucks with Paypal. It's easy, it's fast, it's safe and it goes directly into the maintainance of this page, nowhere else! It doesn't really matter if you are going to donate 1 Dollar, 10 Dollars or 100 Dollars (even though the latter or more is accepted as well ;-)), any kind of donation helps to keep the Realm667 alive and just the way it is now.

Thanks for reading this,
and thanks for your contribution,
best regards - the Realm667 team

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