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BoATubeThere have been about 3 months now since the release of Realm667's very own project Blade of Agony. Since then we had a lot of amazing feedback, not only from the Doom community but also from many people outside, discussing the project, the good things but also the bad ones. One of the very useful things that we take care of a lot are YouTube-Let'sPlays - to be honest, I watched all of them available and this is a good amount of time. Though it helps a lot to see how people are aproaching things and also gives us a good idea what needs improvement and what works as it is. So keep'em coming, they don't go to waste!

Beyond that we are currently focusing on the second chapter in the trilogy and it is coming along quite nicely. There is still a long way to go but we aim for a release in late April or the beginning of May, and that seems reasonable to us. We don't want to tell you a lot without spoiling anything but one thing is a promise: Expected the unexpected. After the mod/standalone has been downloaded now for over 8200 times (!) we are more than motivated towards what will happen with Chapter 2 and the Chapter 1 overhaul we've prepared for you!

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