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PayPal Donations working again!

Some of you might have already noticed that donations for the Realm667 or Blade of Agony weren't working anymore. Unfortunately, I didn't - for the past 10 months to be precise. The old mail adress wasn't attached to the site's PayPal account anymore so all of the donations didn't reach me or the page account and simply have been refunded or not accepted (no idea what PayPal itself does if a donation is given to a non-existant mail adress and if it isn't accepted for weeks and months). Anyway, if you got your donation refunded in the past 10 months (what I really hope for) and if you would like to donate the same amount again (what we really hope for even more) then go for it, the system/button is working again and the donation will be delivered. Sorry for the trouble, this is more annoying for us site runners than for you visitors, so thanks already a lot if you consider doing it another time.

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