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[Road to Wolfenstein] Devblog 02 | Modern Shaders

Shaders are something that is already part in modern games for some time now: Motion Blur, Vignette, Lens Flares,Noise and many more features. These additions have lately been showcased by Total Chaos, an amazing mod by wad'a'holic which makes you ask yourself: "Am I still playing Doom?". These shaders have been implemented and developed by Nash - and yes, Nash is part of our development team. We had only to answer the question if it enhances the playing experience and if it fits our philosophy or if we only want to add these features for the sake of having them.


Post Processing Shaders

Remember old videos from the World War II, most of them have scratches, noise, a vignette and are black and white. Where a greyscale game and scratches are not reasonably for a shooter (I mean c'mon, where does all the beautiful gore go?), we had the feeling that a visual noise and a vignette perfectly fits the gamedesign philosophy and makes up for a fitting feature. The decision was easy to make.

For the lense flares it took a while though, same goes to the motion blur. Both effects are aesthetic and visual and in some places it heavily improves the experience (just take at the effect in the screenshot, the fire feels extremely bright and blinding). We haven't been sure but considering that all effects can be adjusted or totally turned off to your desire, we have decided to add what we have for those who want it. If you are a purist though you can still deactivate all of it, even the noise and vignette, set your resolution to 320x200 pixel and enjoy the mod in its 1994'ish glory.

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