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[Road to Wolfenstein] Devblog 08 | Replay Value

The process of bugfixing and improving our previous chapters of Blade of Agony is something that we have already written about. We want a polished final product with the release of Chapter 3. This also means that we consider ways to enhance the replay-value of our project. In times of Youtube and Twitch, the competition spirit has been revived a lot. Players want to outmatch each other, no matter if it is speedrunning or performing. So how can we implement a feature that supports these kind of people?

Mission Summary

At the beginning of the development, I decided to get rid of the intermission sequence. It didn't make sense to have this atmosphere-breaking mechanique as it was used to be in the original Doom engine. Regarding the aspects from the introduction paragraph though I was considering to get something like that back, but more integrated in the game just as most of the aspects are - that's our philosophy. The idea of a mission summary in the Allied Headuarter was born and AFADoomer turned these thoughts into a feature.

After each mission you will be able to check this blackboard: How many kills did I have? How much bounty did I collect? How many secrets did I find and how long I am already playing this mod? It's competition time! Share your results with a screenshot or simply try to improve yourself on your second or third run. Maybe there is even a hidden bonus prize if you are good enough ...

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