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The Roots of Doom Mapping

Next to the Annual Cacowards this year, the Doomworld community has posted an article about the Roots of Doom Mapping written by not Jabba. It's an amazing article about the past 26 years of Doom modding, showcasing a lot of people and mods that had a huge impact on the way, modding and mapping for Doom has evolved. The author has done a very good job and a very neutral point of view which makes reading the article a pleasure. While reading, I stumbled upon Chapter 6: Big Budget Doom and I somehow was honored to see that a long paragraph featured my influence to the community - in a more positive than negative way - I honestly didn't expect this.

"Tormentor’s releases—including the many group projects he’s led over the years—are all defined by a sense of grandeur and drama. There’s a sweeping, cinematic feel to every aspect of the map design, from the slow, deliberate buildup of enemy firepower to the special effects. These directorial sensibilities are perhaps the most far-reaching aspect of Tormentor’s legacy, as later years have seen many classic-styled maps (Jade Earth or Remnant, for instance) that also tend toward that same cinematic feel, albeit within the limits of vanilla or Boom format."

It is crazy how long I am already part of the community, how much time I have spent on this game and how many friends I got during this time. Reading about someone's Legacy it sounds for me like some kind of retirement - strange feeling to be part of the older Doomers but it's certainly true.

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