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The City of the Damned - Remaster finished

Even though it took a bit longer as expected, the first part of The City of the Damned got its remaster finished and released today. The original was released in 2004 and after 16 years I took the opportunity to polish and improve the map in a way, it was always meant to be - I just suffered knowledge how to properly realise some things.

  • Added dynamic lights to improve the atmosphere
  • Replaced some vertical doors with polyobject doors
  • Improved gameplay, added skill settings
  • Added a custom status bar
  • Added new palette
  • Added brightmaps
  • Added new graphics (widescreen compatible)
  • Added new sound effects
  • Improved various textures
  • Retextured areas, replaced many original Doom textures
  • New ending sequence
  • Two new monsters for boss battles
  • Fixed countless misalignments and bugs from the original release

On top of that, a few people helped me with the remaster from 2020 - especially Ozymandias81 with whom I work on Blade of Agony for over 5 years now was a great help. But I want to thank everyone else at Doomworld and ZDoom for joining the testing phase and supporting me with feedback and testing before I was finished. I hope the new version is fun to you, it feels perfect to me now and I am looking forward to the community's reception, it's about 30 minutes of non-linear gameplay and I'd be happy to see some Let's Plays around - that would be awesome! ...oh and for those who wonder, a remaster of The City of the Damned: Apocalypse is already underway, powered by Gothic, Nash, Ozymandias81 and me.

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