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Sapphire - Remaster finished

While continuing the work on The City of the Damned: Apocalypse together with Nash and Ozymandias81, and making a small creative break from Blade of Agony, I had the time and motivation to finish up another Remaster for one of my old releases that had the potential for visual improvements and gameplay fixes. So there it is another one: Sapphire - Orbital Research in its new and (hopefully) final version 2.0. What can be expected compared to the original release in 2006?

  • Added a new statusbar (base by NightFright)
  • Added widescreen graphics
  • Added a new palette
  • Added dynamic lights (removed sector light effects)
  • Added special effects (volumetric light)
  • Added ambient sounds
  • Added brightmaps and gl-lights
  • Added alt-deaths
  • Added gore effects (by Nash)
  • Added low-health effect
  • Added a new weapon (black-hole gun)
  • Added new secrets
  • Added new areas
  • Added new level geometry for visual enhancements
  • Turned doors into polyobjects
  • Improved liquid and computer textures
  • Improved skybox (rotates on all axis now)
  • Improved colors for messages and statusbar graphics

Once again, Ozymandias81 had been a big help with finishing up the final version and polishing code and internal mechaincs to make it work as good as it looks so I want to dedicate this release to his tireless dedication . But I also want to thank everyone else at Doomworld and ZDoom again for joining the testing phase and supporting me with feedback. I hope the new version is as fun to play as it was for me to improve and fix up for this new and definite release.

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