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For over 20 years I am actively and creatively part of the community. For over two decades I wasted spent time for modding, put a lot of dedication into creating mods and wrote a lot of posts in the ZDoom forums (mostly asking for help, currently a total of 13339 entries - ugh). So, when is the right moment to end something? When you feel exhausted - or stop when it's best just as people say? I asked myself the same question for several times now and I came to the conclusion that - at least this time not connected to any kind of drama, so decisions are less emotionally heated - I can answer this question with one single word: now.

In these articles, I will share my memories and experiences with you, how I did get into modding, into gaming. I will tell you stories about friends, stories about family, stories about competitors. And I will share a few "behind the scenes" informations about my releases from the past and maybe also some notes about my current projects and my future plans. I can't promise you a good writing style and proper english, but I can promise you: It's worth reading. The first article will be published on Sunday, 28th 2021, the next articles subsequently on each sunday. So have fun reading more (or using the Farewell link at the left Site menu), and enjoy this little retrospective, this little autobiography.

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