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Polls for the sake of polls

miscHello again my little visitors, you might ask "What's going on here in the last few days?", well to be honest, not much right now. I just put up a new poll and I am glad about the summary of the old ones. First at all Knee-Deep in ZDoom is still the N°1 addon for Doom for you that I am working on so I will put all my effort into finalizing this with my team for the release. The second thing is about the new Realm 667 and I am also glad that most of you really like what I have done here. Reason enough to finally put up all the missing things for you like the 2,5D Editing Tutorials and all that other stuff that needs to be uploaded!
Last but not least, I have added a review by Darren "Doom_Dude" Finch for my Sapphire map for GZDoom, check it out in the Articles Section or visit the Sapphire page itself in the Doom Projects Section. Cheers!
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