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Christmas ... soon!

xmasHello Dear visitors,
a lot of time has passed again since my last update on the news frontpage. Why? Well, I am quite busy right now concerning real life and beyond my shitty old system gets closer to death each day I work with it: BlueScreens, Errors, Random Shutdowns, all things I finally got used to. No game or application is running correctly anymore, GZDoom doesn't even start and so on, just problems. My main aim right now is to reformat my Boot harddrive and reinstall windows and all the other software I need hoping that this will solve all the problems... we will see.

Meanwhile the special Christmas Mood starts to grow inside of me :) It's getting colder, darker and the shops and marts here offer all that xmas chocolate, are full with necessarities for the 24th/25th december and you can see christmas decoration everywhere. So for me as a real Christmas friend it was time to give you a small idea of how I feel right now, so I set up a new standard theme to my homepage, that should also bring you the special mood I am in right now :)

Greetings from
Santa Tormi
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