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doomI am not working a lot on Doom-related stuff these days except a few little things forutntendgame.jpg KDiZD but sometimes my motivation is up for a little surprise and that's why I have to show off a little shot from my great project The Ultimate Torment & Torture ... 

Actually I have planned to release this in 2006 but right now I think there won't be a beta before spring 2007 as sad this may sound. One reason is the fact that TNT3 Map01 is still not finished, another reason is the fact that TNT4 still needs polishing as well as TNT:LE and the last reason for this is: KDiZD :) as I can't release something filled with features stolen from the KDiZD project Geld Mund Nevermind, let's just wait and see what's happening!


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