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The 13th Annual Cacowards

doomIt happened again: Doom had birthday, the 13th time now in its short or long life and once more, the anticipated Annual Cacowards took place over at Doomworld, for the 3rd time now written by Scuba Steve, creator of the famous Action Doom. So what to say about this next installment of the series? Well, I have to say once again, Scuba proves good taste. I am very pleased with his choice and I glad for those who won one of these golden pixelated pieces.
One of the best wads these year were Phocas Island 2, an amazing adventure type wad for GZDoom, HellCore 2.0, a true beauty in detail and outdoor madness and not to forget Kristus' Phobia - The Age, all of them wads that I totally admired when playing them! It was just a very sad thing for me that Xaser's Zen Dynamics didn't make it in the hall of fame but at least it got mentioned. Nevertheless, 2006 was an awesome year again and I am still glad to be part of that community as it doesn't seem to be that bad at all. Hey, I even got mentioned again, not as mapper of the year - Dutch Devil, who absolutely deserves this title due to his amazing work these year - but as the community's animosity, yeah, what an honor ;)
Scuba Steve wrote: "Despite community animosity, love him or hate him, Tormentor has been working on a staggering amount of projects as of late, [..]"
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