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Realm667 v6 updated to v6.5

homepagesGreetings Mortals,
if it's your first visit since a long time here, don't worry, this is indeed the Realm667 and I am still Tormentor667 but you are right, something is different, and it's the totally new design! So why yet another redesign? Quite simple... many persons have been very unpleased with the v6 design because of slowdowns, css errors and many other flaws it had. When I started with that, it was the very first design I ever did for a homepage based on the Joomla system. Since that day, I learned a lot how things in CSS work, I created a lot of new Joomla designs and homepages, manipulated already created ones and skilled myself a bit more in this CMS. Unfortunately I had the feeling that many of the latest creations I did were much better than my own homepage so it was time to do something about it and well... here is it, Realm667 v6.5 as I call it :) It is not 100% finished, there are still some small things to do but I think I have done a pretty good job on this one... let's see when 7.5 will arrive Unentschlossen
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