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doomDamn that have been hard 14 days I swear. 2 weeks ago I lost my internet connection due to some problems with my provider and his system settings and I had absolutely no change to check for news, read new posts in messageboards or even get my new emails. utnt03combonews.jpg But honestly, it wasn't that bad at all :) I had finally a chance and some time to work on Episode 3 from The Ultimate Torment & Torture and I really made some great progress. The first part of MAP01 is completed and the second part is about 60% done. The cavern area was the hardest part of it and I had to change many things to make it look as good as the rest but hey, it works, take a look at the screenshot meant as a prove.
Beyond some other things have changed on this mod as well: The Ultimate Torment & Torture will only work with GZDoom. This has many different reasons. First at all, I had to use several 3D floors at several places to make areas look real, otherwise I would have to hack around and everyone knows that this won't work. On the other hand, haze, color effects, translucent stuff and special effects just look better if they aren't limited to the doom palette and believe me when I say: You will enjoy this even more now! :D
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