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Ultimate Torment & Torture Cancelled

doomWith a heavy weight heart and a sad feeling I have to anounce that The Ultimate Torment & Torture is cancelled. Due toa hardware crash I lost the complete development folder of my Doom projects and the only thing I could save were two files from the KDiZD folder which are also in charge by other members from the team. This is one of the worst moments in my life and I am sure that I won't start on this again considering the fact how much work has been lost here. Sorry for this, but luck isn't with me today... Stirnrunzeln Nevertheless, I decided to stop my Doom carrer after UTNT anyway so it doesn't matter now if this happens after KDiZD or yet another project, others are just bitching about, who cares... [UPDATE] Fine, April sucks, you are right ;)
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