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Ultimate Torment & Torture released...?

doomWell, not really, but it's something that's almost as good as this: Ultimate Torment & Torture - Invasion for Skulltag's latest new gamemode has been released today and it was only in developement for about 3 weeks... fast, indeed but it doesn't suffer quality just because of this. It's fun, it's action and it's full of monsters and hard battles, just how you like it if you were ever a fan of my creations. Go get it now and play it online with your friends, as it is mostly created for multiplayer action but makes also fun in single player (although it's very hard alone I have to admit ;) ). Consider this to be a warm up for the final Ultimate Torment & Torture release that's approaching, next to the KDiZD release in the upcoming weeks... yeah... lots of stuff, I know :) Nevertheless, right now I'm just curious if someone will set up a little online Skulltag server with this Zunge raus

I have uploaded a new version with several fixed issue, please download that one now and read the text file for further information on the changes. By the way, a server running that invasion pack is online, thx to Methodicek
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