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The Circle Closes

doomWhat started back in 2000 with the NewDoom Wad in a Week Contest ends toda, 7 years later, with the final Ultimate Torment & Torture. Experience all the original episodes again, totally revamped and adjusted to today's editing standards of ZDoom/GZDoom and the all new Episode 4 - Havoc, 3 brand-new levels filled with nasty traps and evil battles set in an exciting environment and an breathtaking atmosphere. Sparked your interest? Then check the projects section for some further information and the download link itsellf. Go get UTNT now! ;) Beyond, Realm667 has also a little jubilee to celebrate, the 100.000 Visitors mark has been broken the last week, great thing, shows me that there are actually people who like what I'm doing all day long ;) So well, have fun with UTNT and spend me a small guestbook entry! :D
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