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Doom turns 14 - 3 Cacowards!

doomYeah, it's Doom's 14th birthday today and that also means it's time for Doomworld's Annual Cacowards again. And - believe it or not - I (and my team as well) actually won 4 of these little nifty golden cacos ;) Sure, Doom is still only a hobby but in a certain way it feels good that your work gets honored and that some people really like what you still create for such a damn old game. One winner is Community Chest 3 (although I wouldn't actually count that as I have only contributed one map and the graphics), another obe is Knee-Deep in ZDoom as a top wad of 2007 as well as being the project with the longest developement time (Mordeth award) and also The Ultimate Torment & Torture got one.
"[..]Ultimate Torment and Torture feels outstandingly "epic" in scope.  The levels are big, the firefights are hard and the story is... well, minimal.  The final map of UTNT is what stands out the most when deciding this map as one of the year's ten best.[..]" -Scuba Steve
More can be read over at Doomworld or in the reviews about these two maps. Last but not least I was very curious about the Mapper of the Year category as there were many cool releases from various mappers this year:
"[..]Scuba was intent on picking Tormentor as mapper of the year because he couldn't think of anyone else (translation: he's a lazy jerk who didn't bother to research), but fortunately I stopped him dead on his path and said "Halt![..]"
Later I was glad to know that "deathz0r", my good old friend, wrote that part of the article, need I say more? ;) Nevermind, it was a great year with gread releases and a still very active and flowing community. Let's just hope that nothing changes about that.

Happy Birthday Doom!
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