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Pogostick - Inspired by Commander Keen

doomdoomplat.jpg Yay, after two months of absence - well, I haven't been really absent as ZDoomers can proof Zunge raus - I finally found some time to write a little news item about the latest stuff going on here. Yesterday I played around with some ACS functions and stuff as I just wanted to learn a bit more about the language as it starts to get clearer for me. But what started as a small experiment turned into a little but promising side project: Pogostick - A Doom Platform Game inspired by my all-time favorite Commander Keen. You might now ask: A sidescroller jump and run in Doom?... well, just take a look at the screenshot, that might explain everything. It's the first time that I got that deep into ACS and I have to admit: It's nice and the possibilites are pretty awesome: Custom HUD, Score system and much more! Expect more stuff very soon :D
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