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Finally, Realm667's Seventh Revision

homepagesYes, I know: After the last revision of my Realm667 I definitely said that this is going to be the last redesign for some years... or months ;) So why did I do this again? Simple answer: I thought it was time to improve several things on the homepage that were a bit annoying - not only for me, also for the visitors.

I replaced / removed several graphics, improved all the other graphics and enhanced the complete template to make up for a faster loading time if you visit the page. Beyond, I compressed several areas (e.g. the eCards section) and changed the location of some other areas (e.g. Lyrics). And next to some other minor enhancements like new modules and information, I completely corrected all the content items in the system (yes, over 400 including translated items) to make sure that they are WEB2 friendly. :) Yes, indeed quite a lot of work, but it was obviously worth the effort!

So, feel free to browse through the new page and expect updates very soon, especially some new Beastiary entries I have still lying on my harddrive :| ;)

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