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doomExpect some heavy file updates here at the Realm667 for today, everything Doom-related ;) First at all, I released v0.9 of my Doom platformer project entitled Pogostick with a total of 2 official maps, 2 user maps and all the necessary stuff - tutorials and scripts - for you to create your own maps for the addon. If you have something finished, feel free to send me your map and I will most likely add it if you want it to be part of Pogostick :D

The second new thing on my page is even better: Knee-Deep in ZDoom v1.1 has finally been released (expect a mirror at /idgames very soon) with all the fancy bugfixes and stuff that has been mentioned (or critisized) before. Expect a even more balanced KDiZD that's even working with the latest Skulltag so you can finally play it online with your friends with the communities' greatest client/server port :) I also have finally added the In-Official (it's somehow official, but I didn't want to use that word Kuss) Soundtrack for KDiZD, the one that we have started with while working on the project but that hasn't been included in the final release. Just load this after the kdizd11.pk3 to get it working.

Last but not least, we finally are breaking the 100th Monster Mark with the official Doom Beastiary, so keep the contributions coming. The best upcoming monster will be the one labelled "100" :D

Important Update
The KDiZD team found several still unfixed bugs in the version I have released. I deactivated the file for now until these issues are fixed. Expect a working link as soon as this message disappears.
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