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doomAs I had some time to look through my pages and projects in the last few hours, I noticed that too many things are still in development without any progress being made. Sure, KDiZD 1.1 is still being worked on and I am pretty sure that we will be able to release a final version very soon. Same goes to ZPack as only few things are left to be done. But what about all the other stuff?

is halted now for about 2 years, Perforated Entrails : Renaissance doesn't even have a project page here (though a development forum at Skulltag, lol :)), Stronghold is almost dead if I consider the end of progress over at DRDTeam.org and Pogostick is paused due to the lack of interest. Last but not least, Sabbat Martyr II doesn't show any progress as well. Sure, it isn't one of my projects but I contributed 2 maps and I really doubt the 2008 release.

So, this is the point where things now must be sorted out and here are my plans for 2008: First at all, I will move and improve the two SMII maps to Perforated Entrails Renaissance, start improving the original PE maps and finalizing them for the second installment and see if I can get a few persons to help me with the development of this to finally finish it before summer. The second thing is the development of Stronghold. Skulltag 97D has finally been released and this also makes the project fully multiplayer compatible due to the integration of script additions and 3D floors. That would be the second aim.

Though I have to admit, I am absolutely not sure about Netherworld. It has some interesting features, some nice additions but I just fear that the intended scale is by far too large for a one-man-project. If I could find a few people to help me working on this, I'd be sure that this project has a chance to be finished within this year as well... but right now things don't look promising. But, we'll see!
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