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The Gates have opened again

doomAs I am at school right now and as I don't have anything to do right now, I just thought it is a good moment to do a little news update on my page ;) A few days ago, I informed you about my plans on some paused and unfinished projects and since that day, I actually did some work to one of them: Stronghold - to be precise! I started to gather old data, resources, maps and abandoned content, cleaned that up and continued with the general project frame and what has been done so far looks very promising:

Intermission Map
I added a complete intermission system that is set between each Stronghold Defence. This map is supposed to be a UAC base for marines that return from a mission. Get some drinks, heal your wounds, enhance your body stats, buy items, powerups and support with the credits you got from killing demons on the battlefield. As soon as you are done, proceed with the next defence.

Introduction Map
Instructor Lt. Carmack briefs you about the goals, the pads, the hud, the demon waves and the general activity on a Stronghold map. Learn how to fight while training yourself  with some holo demons.

To make things easier, the hud got a complete face-lifting: Better graphics, larger fonts and some nifty hudmessage special effects after the battle depending on the outcome of each map. It looks nice, really ;)

New Items
Expect marine reinforcements, placable sentry drones, barrels, portable powerups like the time freezer, quad damage and invulnerability, portable health, new armor types like the super shield (full protection), body enhancements (well known from Skulltag, max armor bonus and max health bonus) and many more.

New weapons
The complete arsenal got a set of new sprites from Eriance's awesome Demon Eclipse mod. Additonal weapons included, like the flame thrower, the devestator and the auto shotgun. Beyond, complete new weapons for the new game mode have been added as well, like the mine layer or the stunner gun, that freezes demons for a while.
...and this is only a short list of additions that have been made :D Expect some more news with screenshots very soon.  Cheers & Greetings, Torm
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