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8 Years - And Still Online!

birthdayYes, I know, I am about 4 days too late but I just didn't have enough time to write this news item before due to several important things in Real-Life (tm). Nevertheless, it's time to celebrate. Why? About 8 years ago I started to create my very first version of Tormentor's Realm 667 with Geocities infamous "Page Builder" (some of you might have heard of this ancient relic in times before PHP and XHTML ;)) and today, exactly 8 years later, it is still online... if that's no reason to celebrate :)


Considering the fact that this page was always up to date and always held nifty updates and files for you although it is only a personal and private page, I can definitely be proud of it :) First I wanted to release something at the 8th anniversary of my Realm667 but unfortunately, Stronghold got by far more complex than I have planned and so the surprise has to waot ;) Anyway, I have added a new section to the "Art & Design" area, so check that out if you want.... oh, for the password, just ask me :D
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