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Little Changes, Lots of Work

doomA few little changes for today concerning the Beastiary: I have completely revamped the author and credits description for almost every monster (except those from Eriance as he intends to send me those via email) to make the origin of various resources more obvious. It was hard to tell who was responsible for the code and the sprites before but now, every monster has detailed information about sounds, sprites, edits and other things that are interesting or necessary. Beyond, to avoid having too much information at once, I added a little "slider" system to the beastiary entries. If you want to take a look at the detailed author and credits information, simply click the slider to open a small tab with that text. Otherwise, just leave it as it is ;)

Next to that I just wanted to mention that I am still working on Stronghold as much as I can. The good news is, that a few more mappers - Vader, Skillsaw, Icytux - have joined me and with their help, you will get a wider variety of maps, gametypes and mapping styles overall. New monsters, new items, new intermap additions and other things have been added as well (script-wise) so expect a nice surprise when the next public build is released. Zunge raus

Cheers, Torm
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