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doom.pngstronghold_sfx.jpgHello guys,
time for some update I guess ;) Yet another month has passed but it's not as I haven't worked on something meanwhile. My main priority project is still Stronghold and we made great progress during the last few months. Out of the 35 planned maps, we already have about 25 completely finished, the rest is close to being finished or worked on at the moment. Many other things have been improved lately - like special effects, hud, scripts, intermap system, monsters - if you have already played the public alpha (back in days of build 30, now we are at 118), expect the unexpected for the final release: New Gamemodes, New Monsters, New Powerups, New Weapons, New Maps, New Music, New Graphics, ... and much more for your playing pleasure :)

Beyond, there are also good news concerning other projects that are still being worked on: First of all, KDiZD 1.1 is finished and being tested these days before we finally release it to the community... was really about time :D Expect also updated versions of UTNT and UTNT:Invasion that take the full advantage of Skulltag's latest network flags (ALLOWCLIENTSPAWN, CLIENTSIDEONLY & A_SpawnItemEx with the 128 flag) to make sure that both of them run fine in Skulltag C/S environments with the minimum of net traffic possible.

And after I am finished with all of that... I wil take a break, and most obviously continue work on Perforated Entrails or Netherworld, although I already have plans for a new kind of Resource Site here on the Realm667, the Special Effects Shoppe ;) But more about that later.
Cheers, Dan
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