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doom.pngHello again,
yet another reason to announce some great update and / or addition to the Realm667... seems like there are only Doom news for ages now Unentschlossen Nevermind! ;) The whole Beastiary has been updated with countless bugfixes and improvements, mostly making sure that these monsters do produce as little as possible network traffic and lag. For a full changelog on each monster, just read the "Improvements Spoiler" at the bottom of this news article. Also to make sure everyone knows this: I was not responsible for these changes and that's the reason why I want to thank Ghastly Dragon here, as he was the one who did the improvements. Thanks alot man - and I think I can speak in the name of the whole community -, you made the Beastiary once again much better :). So people, start your Download Managers and get the latest versions of all the updated monsters, zombies and demon spawn just now!

{slide=Improvements & Changelog}
  • Afrit: Client-sided the trails and death effects for the comet and orbit comets (couldn't make the orbit comets client-side. That'd mess it up). Added the BaronScorch and Scorch decals to AfritBall and Comet. I also removed the MissileType and MissileHeight from the comet and orbit comets, since they aren't needed anymore
  • Agathodemon: Just made the non-tracer attack's trail client-only.
  • Annihilator: Added the Scorch decal to both types of rockets. I also removed the 'replaces Rocket' from the non-guided rocket (might conflict with people's mods).
  • Apprentice of D'Sparil: Client-sided the AODGhost actor spawn (The sprites, by the way, aren't in the wad). Added the Scorch and BigScorch decals to FireBlast and SuperFireBlast (I was going to write completely new decals, but Scorch and BigScorch fit best).
  • Arachnophyte: Added the bulletchip decal.
  • Azazel: Client-sided all purely visual effects. Added DoomImpScorch, PlasmaScorchLower and Scorch to several of it's attacks (I left it off the ghost ball, since decals don't really fit with attacks like that).
  • Belphegor: Added the BaronScorch decal.
  • Blood Demon: Client-sided the BloodDemonArm (tricky emulating A_CustomMissile's momentum and offset).
  • Bormereth: Client-sided all trails, the mace thrown in the death state and simple, non-damage FX. Added the DoomImpScorch to both fireballs.
  • Bruiser Demon: Client-sided BruiserBallTrail (and removed the now-redundant MissileType and MissileHeight from it). Added the BaronScorch and Scorch decals to it's attacks.
  • Cacolantern: Added the CacoScorch decal.
  • Cacolich: Added the CacoScorch decal. Decals on the flame/gas streams would've been a little laggy.
  • Catharsi: Added the PlasmaScorchLower decal.
  • Chaingun Major: Added the Bulletchip decal.
  • Crackodemon: Client-sided all trails.
  • Cyber Mastermind: Added the Bulletchip decal.
  • Dark Imp (Void): Client-sided DarkTail (and removed the now-redundant MissileHeight and MissileType).
  • Darkness Rift: Added the PlasmaScorchLower decal to it's spear attack.
  • Dune Warrior: Added the PlasmaScorchLower decal to CatharsiBall and Bulletchip for the hitscan attack.
  • Ethereal Soul: Client-sided ShadowTrail (as always removed the useless MissileHeight and MissileType that was used to spawn the trail).
  • Baphomet's Eyes: Added dynamic lights (Wasn't as easy as I thought XD).
  • Flesh Wizard: Added dynamic lights and the BaronScorch decal.
  • Flying Imp: Added DoomImpScorch decal.
  • Fusion Spider: Added the PlasmaScorchLower decal and client-sided the projectile trail.
  • Hectebus: Added the Scorch decal.
  • Hellrose: Client-sided the spore and dirt actors.
  • Hell's Fury: Client-sided the soul harvester ball trail and the skull dropped when it dies and added the BaronScorch decal to it's fireball. Also changed Goto Death+12 to Death+11, since it was skipping one of the real animation frames.
  • Hell Guard: Added the PlasmaScorchLower decal.
  • Hell Warrior: Added the BaronScorch decal to the fireball attack (doesn't look like the ripper needs a decal. What do you think?). Client-sided the shield thrown in the death animation.
  • Imp Warlord: Client-sided the mace and shield thrown in the death state (I'm getting better at that). Added the RevenantScorch decal to the yellow seeker attack and PlasmaScorchLower to the red skull attack (the green poison ball doesn't have a decal that would fit, since poison wouldn't leave much of a mark on a wall, if anything).
  • Incubus: Client-sided all trails (that was a lot of A_CustomMissile'd trails).
  • Knight Archer: Added dynamic light, the CrossbowScorch decal, and corrected a -1 delay at the end of the projectile's death state.
  • Lesser Mutant: Corrected minor grammar and capitalization mistakes in the obituaries, client-sided the arms in the death sequence (and fixed the offsets, since some of them spawned 20 pixels -under- it), and added the DoomImpScorch and Bulletchip decals to it's attacks (poison doesn't leave marks, but acid does).
  • Nailborg: Client-sided NailBlur and added the Bulletchip decal (at first, I wasn't sure it was large enough, but I tried it and it looks good)
  • Netherworld Drone: Changed around the See state based on a comment left in my the author. A_Jump to A_JumpIfCloser and retooled so if it's within that distance, it'll keep running.
  • Netherworld Queen: Unchanged. Unfortunately, it's attack won't leave any decals and I don't know why o.O.
  • Nightmare: Client-sided the NightmareWisp actor.
  • Nightmare Demon: Added the BaronScorch decal for it's attack.
  • Obsidian Statue: Added the Scorch decal to it's attack, client-sided the tracerpuff (I could've sworn I did that already), and fixed the dynamic lights (they were supposed to be subtractive). The fact that nobody reported it's white dynamic lights makes me feel a little insulted, nobody's used it.
  • Phantom: Client-sided the projectile trails (Didn't add any decals, since ghost-ish attacks don't really need them).
  • Phase Imp: Added the DoomImpScorch decal.
  • Plasma Demon: Added RevenantScorch decal and client-sided the projectile trail.
  • Plasma Elemental: Added ArachnotronScorch decal.
  • Plasma Zombie: Removed the NashGore spawners in the XDeath state.
  • Pyrodemon: Decals added to attacks and trails/visual effects client-sided.
  • Rail Arachnotron: Added a new decal (made by Captain Toenail for Q:NA's Laser Guard).
  • Railbot: Added the bulletchip decal.
  • Rictus: Client-sided RictusFire and removed the +Randomize flag from it (according to TheShooter, that lags even when client-sided).
  • Shadow: Client-sided all trails and ShadowTorso (that was a really laggy piece of work, lol).
  • Slime Imp: Added the DoomImpScorch decal, client-sided the projectile's trail and corrected a misspelling in the obituary (was defeated by n slimp imp).
  • Slime Worm: Added the PlasmaScorchLower decal.
  • Snake Imp: Added the PlasmaScorchLower decal. (I use it way too much, for it's a good all-around decal)
  • Soul Harvester: Client-sided the ghost and trail.
  • Source Guardian: Added decal to CatharsiBall (FlameBreath still won't take decals). Copy/pasted the lights from Netherworld Queen (credited to Dreadopp) and Catharsi.
  • Spirit Imp: Client-sided all trails and removed the A_MissileAttack from the orbit spirits (they had no MissileType to begin with).
  • SSG Zombie: Added the Bulletchip Decal.
  • Supreme Fiend: Added dynamic lights (most copied from GZDoom.pk3), removed the DecalDef lump and gave it the ArachnotronScorch decal (red wall scorch for a green projectile...?). Changed the plasma projectile from a translated player plasmaball to the arachnotron plasma sprite, which was pretty much the same color. I changed it because there are a few skins folder wads that change the plasmaball's color so it's more cyanish, and it looks really odd with the SupremeFiend's translated plasma.
  • Terminator: Client-sided the grenade trail and the head, arm and shoulderpad thrown in the death state. Added the BulletChip, CacoScorch and RevenantScorch decals to it's attacks.
  • Thamuz: Client-sided trails and added RevenantScorch and BFGLightning decals to it's attacks.
  • Thor: Client-sided trails and added decals. Moved the Comet spawning from the See state to the Spawn state (Makes things a little easier).
  • Tornado Demon: Client-sided the leaves that are spawned when it teleports. Doesn't need any decals.
  • Warlord of Hell: Added the BaronScorch decal to it's attack.
  • Zombie Flyer: Fixed the crash that can happen in it's missile state. Added the PlasmaScorchLower decal to it's attack and client-sided the projectile's trail and FlierSmoke.
  • Zombie Marine: Bulletchip decal.
  • Zombie Railgunner: Gave it the Rail Arachnotron's RedRailScorch decal and removed the NashGore spawners in the XDeath state.
  • Zombie Tank: Client-sided the arms and smoke, and added the bulletchip decal.

    Eriance said he already client-sided and updated his monsters, but hasn't gotten around to sending them, yet, so I skipped those.
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