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Realm667 splits up!

homepages.pngHello beloved visitors,
don't be shocked by reading the title of this news item, it isn't as dramatic as it may sound in the first moment. ;) I am planning to split up Realm667.com. I have thought about this for a while now and it seems to make lots of sense considering all the different stuff that is placed here at the moment: Graphic design portfolio, music, blog, private images, doom, etc... it is definitely too much for one page to hold all of that.

So I made a decision - and yes, I thought about this for a while - and my plan is to split up the Realm667.com into 3 different pages instead of having only one. First at all, my print- and web portfolio will get its own page, simple and clean, with my new design label that I have started a few months ago (and no, I am not gonna tell you more ;)). Next to that, my Blog and Gallery as well as all the personal stuff and things will get an own page as they have absolutely nothing to do with Doom, graphic design and all the other shit random stuff I have online. Last but not least, Realm667 will become (again) what it has ever been: A Doom Page! :)

The good thing after splitting that up is the possibilites I have with the Doom page later. As of now, I tried to NOT add even more different Doom content because I wanted to avoid having too much of that content online. As soon as there is a page completely dedicated to our all favorite game, I don't care anymore, so ideas like the SFX Shoppe, Beastiary Categories, Review Center and all the other stuff I had in mind can become reality. And that's something we need to go for *yay* :)

So, expect some heavy changes in the near future!
Cheers, Dan
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