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doom.pngYay, I am writing this news item for the second time now as my machine broke just when I wanted to save it Schreiend ... nevermind, here we go: Finally, I am proud to announce, the reopened Realm667 in all its pride and beauty. So what has changed and why has it been offline for some days now?

As I already said some weeks ago, I wanted to split up the Realm667, as too many different types of content made it hard to find what you were actually looking for. It was an logical conclusion that something had to happen. Now it's done and what's left of this site after removing private and personal stuff is only pure Doom. The Realm667 got what it has been in the very beginning and what it always was supposed to be: A Doom Page!

But what has changed next to removing content? First of all, the Beastiary was highly improved. Instead of countless PNGs that made my webhost service happy because of the extra traffic fees I had to pay, you get now several compact and simple tabs filled with information for each monster as well as one sprite preview. It's easier to use and you get more information displayed at once, a real enhacement as I think.

I also finally added one of my ideas that I developed in the end of the last year,  the SFX Shoppe. It's supposed to be a place where you can get and submit all kinds of different special effects like weather simulation (snow spawners, rain spawners), environmental effects (fire, steam, water, sparks) and other stuff like pad spawners, teleport effects and much much more. It's just a bit empty as of now but I promise this will be filled very soon with stuff from me and hopefully other contributers as well. ;) Why did I add this? No need to invent the wheel twice as I say ;)

There are even some more kinds of resources here as well like texture resources (like "The Afterglow" at Doomworld, just with more recent updates), a Armory with decorate weapons and maybe we will even get some kind of a Deco Center with all kinds of nifty decoration packs in the near future. But well, we will see how the SFX Shoppe will work out and depending on that, I will decide what to do next. So get your asses up, do some contributions and I am sure that these things may turn into reality from just beind an idea!

Last but not least: The language system won't be updated anymore, as I don't think it makes that much sense. Almost everyone visiting this site is capable of speaking and reading english and considering that only a small part of visitors come from Switzerland, Austria and Germany where german is a primary language, it isn't worth the effort anymore to translate everything. The buttons are still there and the main structure of the site can be accessed in german but the news items will only be available in english from now on.

So, that's all for today and let's hope for yet another successful Realm667-Time!
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