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Even more Doom!

doom.pngHello beloved visitors ;),
time for yet another news item! Damn, have I ever told you how great it is to know, that there is no need for a translation after writing this anymore? :P Okay, what's it all about today? I just wanted to mention that the contribution count is very high and I am glad to see that the resource sections get more and more entries each day I am looking through the forums, my pms or my email account. So considering all that work, I thought it would be nice to have also a new entry in the Tutorials section and that's what I went for last evening. It's not much, actually only some kind of a Beginners - How to Start tutorial for the most useful and necessary tools but that's all. Not much for all of us who are already deep into the Doom materia.

Another thing is The Beast 2009 contest: If you haven't already seen it, check this link and sign up, it is still running till April 29th, so lots of time to come up with something :)

Next to that, I noticed that the site counter finally crawled over the 200.000 Visitors Barrier, that's simply awesome ;) And considering the access count in the last few days, this will even get better. So thanks for your interest, and I hope you will check back soon again, as many things will happen here in the near future! :D

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