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Old News (30.12.2000)

doomYeeeeehaw! I won the NewDoom Wad in a Week Contest! Yeah! And I will get a nice Doom Shirt and a trophy graphic from NewDoom with some id software related signs on it J That is really cool! You can now download the WAD from my Own Work Section! Hehe, this wad really suckz the longest ass.. (Winamp?)! Also Jason “FACE.UK” Sloan asked me, if I want to get hosted by NewDoom! Well, this is a really cool idea.. but I don’t know! I have to think about this for some while! Perhaps I will goto NewDoom! But that’s all for today! I will work for some time on my map! And then, I will post some new Screenies!

Hey it is unbelievable! You shortly win a contest on NewDoom and then FACE.UK asks, if you want to be hosted by NewDoom! Well, the idea was cool, so here I am now! At NewDoom! Hosted J This is cool! I think, I will get a lot of visitors next time! Thx goes to NewDoom J My new Address is www.newdoom.com/realm667 !
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