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The Beast 2009

doom.pngThe contest is finally over an I started to upload all the submissions, especially the winners, but also the ones that are worth being added... wait, you have no idea what I am talking about? Oh well, you missed something I guess ;)

About one month ago, I started the official Realm667 Beastiary Contest, a competition where people could submit their latest creations (link to the thread). This one's over now and together with TheDarkArchon, GhastlyDragon, Icytux and Esselfortium I chose my Top 10 of monsters. If you want to know a more detailed info concerning this, simply read the thread. There you will also find the list of winners. Thanks again to everyone who participated, I am looking forward to what comes next!

Speaking of community efforts, I am up to something again. Some of you might already have seen that there is this Heretic texture pack thread running also over at ZDoom. Only by looking through the textures I feel like wanting to map for Heretic just now. I have also to admit that I played the almost finished Heretic Treasure Chest from Doomworld but honestly, I was more than disappointed. The maps aren't bad, but it's nothing new somehow... nothing that surprised me. That's when I thought it's time for a Heretic Community Map Pack in the same style of ZPack. I think you can do lots of cool stuff in Heretic with having the ability to use new actors, new editing features and other fancy stuff ZDoom can do. I am still in the planning phase but expect something in the near future ;)
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